2014 Group Exhibitions

It's fun to be a student when you are sponsored a free venue for your exhibition. Me and my coursemates were lucky enough to be able to organise two group art exhibitions (which were also my last two in my college years) at MGS and Alliance Française in Penang relatively last year. 

All we had to do was pay for the food and show up. People came and left. Some were there for the art, some were for the food. But I hope every single one of you who attended knows that we appreciated it very much.

It's been three months since I graduated. Art college was great. You are introduced to a lot of different art forms and techniques (only the basic ones really). Then after two years or so, you have to come up with a concept for your finals. 

I thought my concept for my graduation exhibition was pretty good but it's very unfortunate that I never got around to find my own style despite all the assignments. It's like you might not be the best but you still get to have the opportunity to showcase your work together with other students. It's pretty cool.

Oh sometimes I wish I could do better for my age. I wish I had been more inspired. I wish my work was more innovative than just skills. I wish I had been more sensitive with colours. Oh how I wish things hadn't been this way.  

Leow Ke Ke
Tan Jia Yih
Lee Sydney
Ho Su San

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  1. all of you are so talented! would love to see these in person. yes, I'm half-Japanese!