CNY 2K14

Nope, I did not write my title wrong. I know, Chinese New Year is next week but I'm afraid this post is about last year's CNY. I'm the queen of procrastination! 

Well, the only interesting thing about my CNY last year was that we visited the lantern festival Light Up Your Life at Asian Cultural Village at Danok, Thailand on the second day of CNY with my maternal relatives. 

On CNY eve we had steamboat as our family reunion dinner. While on the first day we went to the temple after breakfast and then stayed in and watched the telly as usual. I don't even remember what we did on the third day because there was no record whatsoever so let's skip. As for the fourth night we had a bit of fun playing with poppers (ykno those you throw on the ground to make a pop noise and a spark) since the ban on fire crackers by Malaysia government and those are the least dangerous. 

Anyway, before we headed to Asian Cultural Village on day 2, an uncle of mine who works in Thailand and speaks Thai treated us to a dinner at this restaurant called Duck Cafe. Funny name but nice food. It was getting late so we checked into KPK Resort Hotel which located right in front of the lantern showcase venue for a one night stay. Our rooms were facing to the back so we were literally able to see the whole field from our window!

What is this Asian Cultural Village about? Apparently Asian Cultural Village is a new project that aims to develop Danok into a more dynamic city. It offers a variety of attractions such as shopping plazas, budget hotels, cultural celebrations and night markets, to name a few. The night we visited Light Up Your Life there was even a Miss Lantern Danok beauty contest. We didn't really quite pay attention to the pageant though we were busy taking photos with all the pretty neon light models and decorations because priority! 

The entrance fee was THB100 and they sell a lot of things there for example  ACV t-shirts, food and also sky lanterns.

CNY eve

CNY Day 1 
福德祠 @ Sungai Petani, Kedah

CNY Day 2

Cheap sandals I got that lasted me 10 months 
Malaysia-Thailand border

the entrance

A lot of people were releasing sky lantern and making wishes so we reckoned we'd try it too 
CNY Day 4


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