Internship At SS Design Studio

As mentioned in previous post, I went for a 3 month student internship after my graduation showcase in August. Together with two of my classmates, we completed our internship at SS Design Studio, a sole proprietorship company which specialises in manufacturing of props, sculptures and models mainly for theme parks and events.

Owning two workshops in Ulu Tiram, Johor (I was very lucky that free accommodation was provided near my workplace), majority of the clients of SS Design Studio are from our neighbour country Singapore so it was inevitable that there were regular on-site trips to Singapore. Thankfully, my company was responsible for all my expenses during my occasional duties in Singapore.

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Throughout my internship with SS Design Studio I was involved in the following four major projects during which I was given valuable insight into not only the field of commercial art but also event management.

1. Halloween Horror Nights 4 - Resorts World Sentosa 

2. Weather Change Weather Challenge - Science Centre Singapore 

3. Christmas decoration - Bukit Panjang Plaza, Singapore

4. The Purple Parade - Singapore Ministry of Manpower

My responsibility mostly revolved around making sure the final outcome look presentable by doing some touch-up work. There was a lot to learn from each project as I was new to the industry. I appreciated the diversity of projects my company had taken up because working regularly both on-site and in workshops had exposed me to great hands-on experience with tools as well as materials. 

This job isn't as interesting as it may sound at all. Often we worked from one morning to another morning due to lack of employees with too much workload. We rarely had enough sleep when the due date was near. We were also constantly exposed to dust and chemical substances and workplace hazards without proper protective equipment. 

I would say if SSDS intends to be a better and more reputable company first they will have to repay their employees by providing a more promising employee welfare plan thus more employees will feel appreciated and stay. Overall my internship experience at SSDS was beneficial and it's cool that it gave me a realistic preview of this career field. And let's not forget the most awesome part that was I had the opportunity to work with other skillful sculptors and designers.

all photos taken with iPhone 5s


  1. what amazing photos, thanks for sharing! xoxo

  2. i love how you push for workplace safety and well being of workers! but indeed how great it was to have had exposure in the field!