Back In Penang

Heck, it's my last day at work today and it feels like I moved back in Penang just yesterday. 

To go to Penang Island from my house in Perak you have to take a 2 and a half hour coach ride to Butterworth Ferry/Bus Terminal and then a 10-minute ferry ride to Penang Weld Quay

I hadn't been back to Penang by bus since graduation last year and I was so confused when I disembarked at the new Temporary Transport Terminal of Penang Sentral (TTTPS) at Butterworth on Feb 26. Later I learned that the terminal had been relocated due to the construction of Penang Sentral project which is aimed to be completed in 2017.

I was not the only one that wasn't aware of the move though. In fact, dozens of complaints from ferry commuters and taxi drivers about the inconvenience of TTTPS were received according to the local papers. Luckily I got to skip taking the ferry to get to the island as my dad who works in Butterworth was coming to pick me up after work.

Before sending me over to my new flat in Penang we rested at my dad's lodging for a while and then we had a simple dinner in Raja Uda. 

I took the opportunity to make a quick trip to George town before I started working officially so I could get my films developed and these are the last two photos taken right there to finish up the second roll. Not one single camera shop there had ISO 400 films ready stock (they say ISO 200 will do for most occasions but well I wanna try new films!) so it's Kodak Gold 200 again in my film camera now. 

All photos taken with Canon EOS 500 & Fujifilm Superia 200


  1. Your pictures are all so nice. How did you manage to select the suitable ISO hahah I always fail in that.

  2. great photos! I hope to visit Penang someday for vacation :)

  3. Yes, we have the same template, but yours look super sleek!
    Love the tone of the photos. :)
    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  4. Penang - I MISS! I lived in Malaysia as a kid and absolutely adore the country. Lovely post by the way x.
    Love from Dubai,

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog. Love your photos, they make me miss Asia so much hahhaah.

  6. hi ~ just to check where to send your film for develop in Penang?

  7. even myself a penangnite also get confused with the new bus terminal..

  8. What a mix up, least you got it sorted before it was too late. nice to see some proper film photos.

    Buckets & Spades