Chu San

The third day of Chinese New Year (初三 chū sān) had to be the most eventful day of my CNY this year, the rest of the holidays was just slouchy with lots of eating and tv watching (you're either too busy or too unoccupied during CNY). 
After late breakfast, we set out to our future residence in Butterworth hoping to catch up with the developer's CNY special open house. "It says there will be lion dance and free buffet on the papers" the mother reported.  

It was scorching hot, we took a quick look at our still-in-progress house and then proceeded to the show house once we heard the lion dance starting from afar. To our surprise, there was barely any visitors in sight but curious residents from the nearby neighbourhood. Nevertheless, most of the housing units were already successfully sold out. I wonder who is going to be our new neighbour!
We lounged away the afternoon in the furnished show house but funny how in the end it turns out we only had a little appetite for some snacks out of the many buffet choices.

We then dropped by Tow Boo Kong Temple (斗母宫 dǒu mǔ gōng) at Raja Uda while on our way to my dad's current lodging (he's been transferred here so he had to rent a temporary place until our new house is ready to move into). 

The temple has a grant and solid looking gateway and serves as a momentous and sacred venue for Chinese celebrations and prayers. 

We did not pray but it got me in the mood seeing a place that was deliberately decorated with pretty CNY lanterns and design (the artificial pink trees especially caught my eyes). In fact, red lanterns were hung all over Raja Uda streets in celebration of CNY, thank you town party for taking the celebration seriously! 

*Tone sandhi: both dǒu (斗) and  (母) of the temple's name are in the third tone so the first word automatically becomes second tone so it's supposed to be read as dóu

Now comes the most important thing to do on the day - going over to Penang to flat hunt with my sister who would be starting her internship in Bayan Lepas a week later from the day. I found this room for rent at a reasonable price online and my sister made an appointment to meet up with the flat owner later that day. 

My sister's block is a 5-storey housing flat, a friendly place where most of the units are occupied by families. The unit we visited was not big and the light was faint but it feels like home. With both the husband and daughter working and studying overseas, the mother rents out a room to students/interns to make a profit besides her blue collar job. My dad thought the room was rather comfortable and satisfying for a short term stay so the deposit was paid. 

By the time we left we were already starving to death. We were driving around aimlessly as there was not much to eat around that time of the day, finally my dad had his car parked somewhere and we split up to get our own food as we couldn't agree to one specific eatery (easiest way, no squabble). 

Next stop my sister's working place, she wasn't familiar with the industrial area in Bayan Lepas so my dad showed her how to get to her company with the aid of a GPS device (unfortunately, the effort kind of went to waste as my sister only realised she had been having the wrong branch in mind a few days prior to her first working day). 

Later that night we met up with my dad's friend at a food court and the adults had so much to talk about they switched their venue to the friend's apartment and chatted until 12am. I was so exhausted throughout the day but also excited to discover that the wife of my dad's friend's is a self-taught part-time painter (full-time nurse) and does some really amazing acrylic paintings on canvases, stones and even glass bottles! 

Her patience and attentiveness reminded me of the saying "when there's a will, there's a way".

All photos taken with Canon EOS 500 & Fujifilm Superia 200

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