Evening Pastime

Only until a moment ago I learnt that this boundless field in my town where the local folks go for a jog is called Padang Lapangan Terbang Sitiawan (literally named after the fact that it is an airfield). More details: wiki

Whereas the name that we have been calling it since forever Padang Astaka actually refers to the recreation ground opposite the airfield. The facilities at the recreation area include a football field, a basketball court constructed with a roof, a children playground, washrooms, exercise equipment and several other courts for aerobic classes etc. Residents of all races and ages are often spotted spending their evening time there. The fun in getting to bond with family and new people while maintaining a healthy lifestyle is possibly the main reason why this place is a favourite evening go-to venue of the locals.

Back to Padang Lapangan Terbang, I'm not sure whether it still serves as an actual airfield, but I do know that the people see such a wide space as a perfect jogging spot. Usually, joggers take laps around the field, some clockwise, some counter-clockwise - one lap can be done within 20 minutes. However, there is a track slowly forming through somewhere in the middle, most probably left by those who wished to only stroll around or perhaps those who were in a rush to get home. Besides walking/jogging/running, sometimes kids are seen flying kites and doing sports training in the field too. 

Ps: Law students, is open burning illegal in Perak state? Man I wish the residents living beside/near the field would be more considerate and let the joggers/runners and park goers enjoy fresh air. 

These were actually shot on an expired (not too expired) Superia 200. I was trying to finish it so I could load a new roll for Lunar New Year and as soon as I took out the finished roll I realised its expiry late was last year. Maybe this explained why the photos came out looking like they needed some shadow corrections (wish granted). 

Padang Astaka 4°13'05.0"N 100°41'48.0"E


  1. this is a lovely post and i love all ur pictures.

  2. Wow I love your photography. And your blog layout is so nice too!