Sometimes when I found some film photos missing from the scanned disk I knew at once that it's not a mistake of the photo lab but mine because they came out extremely underexposed that it's complete blank in the negatives. 

Yep, I need to sit down properly and learn how to push process and stop wasting film for the sake of my savings.

And I'm just glad these photos of my grandmothers' houses aren't really underexposed (not sure if the chemical lab did corrections for me), they are just a little grainy but the greenish tone in puts me off for some reason  (I wonder if it only happens to Superia 200 in low light) but I still like the elements in them - my mother's mother used to work as a tailor at home whereas my youngest cousin (and also her father) lives with my father's mother.

All photos taken with Canon EOS 500 & Fujifilm Superia 200


  1. Nice picture :)
    Bisous from France

  2. This greenish tone looks really nice to be hones :) I had never seen something like that on my pictures taken with superia 200, but I'm using mostly expired film.

  3. nice pictures *_*


  4. Great pictures! Kiss
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