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I was looking for the reviews of the local online bookstore when I discovered this international online book shopping site I feel so bad for Bookurve because I was going to try to buy something off them but in the end I went with BookDepository instead.

It's frustrating how most books in my book wish list are either too expensive for me (as new books) or not available in local bookstores/book fairs. When I found out that Malaysia is one of the countries BookDepository ships to for free I almost fainted! What a miracle! 

A Clockwork Orange and Just Kids had been the top priorities in my book wish list since before I could remember so I decided to get them for my first order (actually I had a friend purchase them for me with his card because my new debit card wasn't working - shout out to Darren thank you so much!!).

When I got A Clockwork Orange on BookDepository it was on sale at USD9.60 (around RM35?) compared to RM51 on Bookurve and RM36 second-hand at Leo Books bookstore located in Penang while Just Kids was at only USD11.59 (around RM42?) after discount compared to RM52 on Bookurve, irresistible! (I say "around" because I'm not sure of the exchange rate at that time and it happened I didn't have to pay my friend the total amount).

Even though both of these books were in the same order they were dispatched separately on different days I don't know why. A Clockwork Orange was dispatched on 23rd April and arrived only on 11th May while Just Kids which was sent out a day later came in the mail on 13th May. Indeed it was a long wait and I almost let the horrible thought of them getting lost in the mail got me (there was no tracking number) but their customer advisers were responsive and helpful and I was so relieved when the books finally arrived (in great condition except one of the edges of Just Kids was a little curled). 

And of course immediately after I got these books I had to make another order on BookDepository - their sale is just too tempting! Oh here comes another long wait. 


  1. What a great way to pick up books. I'll have to check this out :)

  2. I always buy from bookdepository too. Their sale and free delivery worldwide is just too good to be true. :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles