March Lodging

Remember when I moved back to George Town in March because I got offered a part-time job?

I was worried about my temporary accommodation because I wasn't informed about my job until 5 days before work. Since I graduated last year I stopped renting a room in Penang (been staying at my parents', unemployed for 3 months), fortunately just in time I found this room owner who's willing to take me in for a short period.

The apartment was only a 5-minute walk away from my job, there was no transport needed so I went with it without a second doubt. It was a fully furnished unit, there was a fridge, a washing machine, a television, sofas, air-conditioned rooms, and I cried when the utility bill came (jk but my heart did hurt).

The room owner turned out to be either deceitful or obtuse, she couldn't do simple calculation and in the end instead of paying the amount for one month+ rental that we agreed on, I got charged extra just because I moved in 3 days before March 1.

Oh well. It's no surprise that how people are always taking advantages of others in the real world. We'll just have to suck it up.


  1. Oh man, but you still got nice photos at least. :p


  2. Ah, that's horrible that the landlord tried to take advantage of you! At least you're settled in nicely now!

  3. That's not cool about the extra charge. Glad you are settled and hopefully enjoying your new place!