One Day in Songkhla

Last May my mum booked a van to go to Thailand on the 30th out of the blue. We had to get up at 5am to avoid traffic but I stayed up all the way to Thailand custom. The view on both sides on the way from Kedah to Thailand was amazing and I thought watching the sky went from pitch dark until the light first appeared was such a magical feeling. 

You know how going on a trip with travel agents always means finding yourself end up at jewellery shops that you didn't even sign up for? Somehow a tour guide popped out when we reached town and we had tried everything to persuade her that we had already been to souvenir shops (we hadn't) and that what mattered now were these specific tourist attractions. 

So we went to Samila Beach for photos and my sister took a horse ride for 30 BAHT. The sun was so scorching hot my face turned all red and I hated myself for not bringing along sunscreen. After that we didn't even bother getting out of the van for sight-seeing so our tour guide got us coconut ice cream with sticky rice and lodoicea for a cool relief from the hot weather. The ice cream was so good and so much better than the one we have at Beach Street, Penang imo, and so much cheaper too! 

When it's finally not too hot to walk around we visited Klonghae Floating Market for snacks. Boats were seen parking along the dock and it's interesting that the vendors (seems to be all Muslims) reached their customers from the boat with the use of a pole with a basket at the end of it. 

In the evening our driver dropped us off around Grand Plaza Hotel Hat Yai for shopping and dinner before leaving but we didn't buy anything. We're just there to spend on food really. 


  1. Wow a road trip in a van to another city, I always wanted to experience that! :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  2. Gonna travel like this in future. haha :D

  3. really 'jalan jalan cari makan'! I brought my parent there too. The floating market food was awesome!

  4. Love the beach! I hate tours that persuades you to go to a store to buy something. I'm all for spending on food instead ;)