Growing Up

It's so scary to be growing up really and managing finances is definitely the hardest part. Having to pay rent and not taking any allowance from parents anymore, you have to start taking into account how much you spend a day and now you even know how much a certain grocery costs which you had no idea of before. All I can say is thank goodness I don't have to pay my own phone bills.

My three months probationary period at work has almost come to an end which is by the end of August, will I be terminated or will be continuing? I can't really complain about this job other than it being not really art-related. It's easy work for the most part so I have managed to finish 4 books during my free time within these 3 months and am starting the 5th. It's also cool that I was given complimentary tickets to George Town Festival events because my company happens to be one of the sponsors. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to learn how to curate exhibitions etc so I'm wondering if it's time to look for another job? Will I be able to find another job with a fair pay? 

I'll sure miss the shop dogs here if I were to quit even though they are such troublemakers.

Taken with Lomolitos and Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400


  1. what are you working as for now?

  2. I hate growing up. It scares me, you know?