16°C at Cameron Highlands

Me and Jae have our day off on the same day so on one day off we made a short trip to Cameron Highlands. It was a sleepy morning but the idea of a road trip really excited me. I could feel the drop in temperature as we were going uphill, and the mist and fog settling in the mountains slowly came into view, so near yet so far. I wish we could pull over to get some photos but the narrow winding road didn't look too safe to do that.

It took us some time to reach the fruit stalls at Kea Farm because it was a public holiday so traffic was unavoidable. After getting a bunch of corns we turned back around and dropped by Sungai Palas Tea Plantation to enjoy the greeny slopes and take some photos (and I'm upset most of them turned out shitty thanks to the weather).

Then we sat at Cameron Valley Tea House to get some food. It occurred that 2 blueberry scones and 1 brownie and earl grey tea were too much for us even though we hadn't eaten anything since morning. There were also hills of tea plantation behind the tea house which we hiked for a bit to get a better view. We didn't make any room reservation so when it got darker we had to start our journey back to Penang.  

It was really chilly and windy and I sure wish we could have stayed longer, that is if we had more time and if I wore the suitable outfit (note: no flowy skirts!). 

Taken with Lomolitos and Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400


  1. Sounds like a lovely journey! I haven't been there for ages, totally should find time to go there again...

  2. That field was so beautiful and green!

    Liz | LotsofLoveLiz

  3. Amazing post, great pictures as well, thank you for sharing,!!!



  4. I miss going on road trips!! hope you have a great time!

  5. This sounds so perfect. I love the photos.

    Have Ashley

  6. Oh wow, I love how foggy the atmosphere is. And how lush all of that landscape looks. What a lovely trip!

    Sartorial Diner

  7. Beautiful photo's! I'm looking forward to more blog entries :D