Going Home

My dad has been visiting me and bringing me stuff from home since I moved back to Penang so it just didn't occur to me to take the bus home considering I have to work 6 days a week.

The first time I went back home was on my mum's birthday last September I missed her and wanted her to cut my long and dry hair as I feel like going to a hairdresser just for a trim isn't really worth the money. Her birthday fell on a day before my off day so I applied for 1 day leave which gave me two rest days before work again.

Our mother-daughters relationship is not the bff type and it has always been hard and awkward for us to hug and not to mention saying a happy birthday especially if alone. I just hope that she appreciated my presence.

Taken with Lomolitos and Fujifilm Superia 200


  1. i am sure your mother appreciated your presence and company very much :)
    so heartwarming~

  2. The relationship between my mum and I has been pretty awkward too, but blood is still thicker than water... She will always welcome you home.

  3. I have the same with my Mom. At the end of the day, I love her though despite our differences :)