CNY 2016

It didn't feel a little bit like Chinese New Year at all for me this year. No real celebrations, no fireworks, no poker cards, no house visiting. I had to work even on the first 3 days but I tried to get into the spirit by wearing red all 3 days. And spent the next 3 in Sitiawan. The festive season seemed to just creep in and go away like that. I even forgot to check the Lunar New year snapstory on Snapchat, but alas, we asian countries didn't even get the sticker. I noticed though the morning air during CNY was exceptionally cool and it's the only thing that made me feel better about this CNY. 

Taken with Canon EOS 500 and Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400

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  1. Aww *pats* I guess it felt worse for me, being 16 hours behind you all -and I didn't really get to celebrate it in the US :(