Hin Bus Depot Sunday Pop Up Market

It's kind of nice being able to go to events after quitting my full-time job which I got really tired of. Visiting the pop up market at Hin was like the first thing to do on me and Milline's list and so glad we got to try the yummy nasi kelabu before they went on a 5-week break! 

The market happens every Sunday from 11am-5pm and their aim is to promote local art and crafts and also food. Sometimes the organiser would slot in some other activity on the same day to make it more fun and interesting. It's a great place to hang out and make friends on a hot afternoon!

Shout out to my talented friends do check out their stuff at the market!
Utile handmade leather products by Terance Chen
Lunarite customised illustrations by Zyrex Lim
Lunabar hand-brewed coffee by Jasmine Toh
Moonshop handmade terrariums by Tan Weiming

Taken with Canon EOS 500 & Fujifilm Superia Xtra 400

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