Kayu Miniatures

Sliz and Sat were so broke and since they're in town they decided to make something small to sell at the Sunday Pop Up Market (happens every Sunday 11am - 5pm) at Hin Bus Depot Art Centre in conjunction with their Kayu group show

I'm not nocturnal like the rest of Rumah Studio but I ended up staying up all night till morning for the first time in ages for this spontaneous project. We were divided into different "departments" to make things faster (everyone ended up in the painting dept in the end) and we literally used whatever we had in the house to sculpt, drill and paint little houses with legs (according to Sliz they're Rumah Studio official merch as our logo depicts a house with long legs), Sliz also made the Rumah Ugama series which represents the 4 main beliefs in Malaysia.

At around 7am my eyes were still wide open (I guess the mocha earlier kinda worked) but I knew I had to get some rest as I had to be at the Sunday market at 10am (I'm kind of co-ordinating it). Once I closed my eyes I felt as if I was drowning and I could sleep forever. 

I jumped up in time for work and the boys reached a bit later to set up their kayu town. There were like 30 of these quirky miniatures and we're so glad they're all sold out (hooray thanks to those who bought them!)

While waiting for the others to come back from lunch Bibi suggested to draw live customised portraits in rumah version so that's how they got some extra earnings and also made new friends from other countries.

One thing I love about the boys is that they always come up with random ideas anytime anywhere. You'll never not be amazed by them.

Taken with Nikon D5100

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  1. those miniatures are so adorable! will you be at the garage sale this saturday??

    alexius xx