A Trip Away From Work

Second time to KL in a year. First trip was back in march with milline and this time with keke and jiayih as a trip away from work. 

It was labour day but lucky us no traffic on the highway. Restaurants and malls were super packed tho. We stopped by Ipoh to get some breakfast at this famous dim sum restaurant but it turned out to be a full house so we had our dim sum next door instead which was pretty crowded as well. 

So we did some shopping at Ikea for the first time, met up with my seller to get my olympus mju ii which these black & white photos were taken with, and then we went for a walk at pavillion (don't ask me why), had expensive and lousy dessert at this hakka restaurant because you had to be their customer to park in their compound, checked in to our hotel and i fell alseep before anyone else (like always).

The next morning after breakfast at VCR (also a full house because of holidays so our experience wasn't that great) we decided to go up to genting and so we did.

Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 - Canon EOS 500
developed and scanned by Bilik Beku

Kodak T-max 100 (expired 11/2013) - Olympus mju ii 
developed by KK Studio and scanned by me

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