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On the 15th I boarded my bus from Bristol to London for La Femme concert and art exhibitions. I was lucky to get £1.50 National Express ticket one way and had a free stay at my friend Kenn's for 3 nights. 

It was weird that it smelt like KFC on the streets in London when I was on the way to the underground station but there was no KFC to be seen. Anyway it turns out my debit card didn't work as a contactless so I had to get an Oyster card but the process was easy-peasy and off I went to Chalk Farm.

Kenn and his girlfriend Julia were watching Mr Fantastic Fox when I arrived, he prepared some claypot fried rice for me which he made himself and it was yummy and we sat and talked for a bit. Their flat was cosy and tidy and I fell asleep like a baby.

Day 1 - 16th Nov // Wed

In the morning I walked from Chalk Farm to Kings Cross to catch a bus and got lost a bit but autumn was beautiful. Milline and I decided to meet at Brick Lane and explore Shoreditch "the hipster area" on my first day. 

I was so excited to finally reunite with Milline and visit galleries together after so long but if you think of it time actually passes so fast we have done so much in between these times it doesn't feel like a long time at all. 

My bus stop was right in front of British Library I needed the loo so I went about to look for it but there was a looooong queue at the library entrance so I walked into the nearby hotel instead and the staff actually greeted me nicely this is why I love hotels. 

It was a Wednesday so no market at Brick Lane for me boo hoo. I was starving and decided I was ready to spend money on street food (I usually wouldn't) during this trip so I got a salmon beigel from one of the famous shops at Brick Lane I thought it was just okay, but the vegetarian burrito we had afterwards at some market we walked past was amazing and filling, and very cheap to my surprise. 

Thanks to ArtRabbit I found a lot of exhibitions in London to see but time is never enough. We managed to visit Jealous GalleryClerkenwell GalleryBarbican Centre and Tate Modern before it got dark. We also walked to St Paul's Cathedral only to find out you have to pay a whooping £18 to enter so we left, of course.

I liked the garden and pool in the Barbican Centre, the view was dystopian-ish and surreal, but I didn't know what to do there. Then we walked over the Millennium Bridge to get to Tate Modern, the whole building completely blew my mind I hadn't been to anywhere like it before, the Turbine Hall was such an amazing space for installation art. We saw Joseph Beuys, Joan Miro, Harun Farocki, Karel Appel, Nam June Paik, Louise Bourgeois and so many more! And then we had to leave as Tate was closing and it started raining so we had to run for shelter. 

We took the subway across River Thames and walked past Trafalgar Square to Soho, found a Waterstones and stayed inside for a bit as it's warmer and then Milline brought me for a walk in Chinatown before we parted ways. 

Day 2 - 17th Nov // Thur

Kenn was away and didn't return till today so he lent me his UAL card in case I ever wanted to sneak into Central Saint Martins to take a peek. So I went and I was gonna look for the library heard it's awesome but I couldn't find it and was too shy and scared to ask, then I stumbled upon their fine art studios, but was also scared to walk in, fearing people would find out I'm an outsider so I left CSM early which I kind of regretted. 

Gutted, I went to visit Milline and her kitty Kuro at her place in Seven Sisters. Kuro was a fluffy ball and shy but playful. She loves crumpled paper balls and according to Milline she got along with me quite fast (and I got a few scratches quite fast). 

After saying byebye to Kuro we left the house and we got Jamaican takeout I had a fry bake with vegetables and fish in it for £3.50 it was so delicious (still thinking about it now)! 

Only when Milline mentioned about it I realised I hadn't attached my Railcard to my Oyster card which could have saved me some money on transport for the last two days. Oh well.

(in my oyster journey statement below you can see on 17th nov they stopped charging after a certain amount so you should definitely get an oyster card if you're gonna travel back and forth a lot in one day!)

Today was another day full of art exhibitions. Yesterday I literally forgot about The Infinite Mix which was my top priority so we went to see it today after a quick visit to L'etrangere and 71a Gallery. The Infinite Mix was an exhibition of 10 contemporary audio and visual installations at The Store, which located just next to King's College which is next to Somerset House. Apparently it is a new creative space and I actually liked how they laid out the exhibition with the spaces in the building. 

Also La Femme was tonight!! Not sure how I discovered La Femme in the first place but they're like my favourite band ever if you like psychedelic rock you should definitely check them out! So when I found out that they're playing in London I was so excited even though I did hesitate a bit about the price, I signed up for the wait list on DICE and all but in the end I went with the available ones at £16.95. 

We didn't want to be late for the concert so we had to skip some gallery trips, got to Shepherd's Bush early, walked around Westfield shopping centre, found a Malaysian restaurant called Penang!, got cheap Waitrose sandwiches for dinner and then headed to O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire. Kenn would then join us later after his uni.

There was a bag check we weren't allowed to bring in water and also they didn't let me bring in my Canon SLR and the reason was because it has a 35mm lens?? But I had my mju ii with me and got this picture above. 

Loose Meat was the supporting act but I felt bad for them as the sound system didn't work well when they were on. Thankfully there was no issue when La Femme were playing but being so far away from the stage affected the whole experience imo. We were at level 1 seated area but nonetheless everyone was standing up and dancing like crazy. Tbh it is hard for me to differentiate songs and their names but Anti Taxi is like my favourite and I was waiting for the song to come on and god they saved it for the last I almost cried of happiness. 

Day 3 - 18 Nov // Fri

Today had to be the coldest day ever like it was even colder than Bristol my hands were freezing! Finally I got to spend some time with Kenn we went to Camden Stables Market in the morning and tried lots of different street food (bánh mì, plantain fries, chicken masala wrap, halloumi fries) and also hot apple cinnamon.  

The shops were pretty touristy though and there's this huge futuristic store called Cyberdog that sells things from apparel to accessories to sex toys.

After Camden Market we went to pick up Kenn's parcel and then hung out with Milline at Hyde Park. We had a nice walk at the lake while being surrounded by different species of feathered friends and there was a dead crushed one we had to prayed for. Kenn left early to meet Julia whereas we left to Milline's hubby's work place Eat Tokyo for dinner we were thinking to come back to Hyde Park for Winter Wonderland but we had too much sushi and it was impossible to move so we stayed in the restaurant and talked about life. 

Milline sent me off at 10pm and I reached Bristol at 12:15am and as much as I find London interesting it was too hectic for me (but would certainly be back) so boy did it feel good to be back in Bristol.

Kodak Colorplus 200 - Canon EOS 500 
Agfa Vista 200 - Olympus mju ii (concert view)
Fujifilm c200 -  Canon EOS 500 (last photo)

developed and scanned by Bristol Cameras

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