My Hostel @ Macalister Lane, Penang

This was my room when I moved back to George Town for my job at ChinaHouse (and later Hin Bus Depot).

The building is basically an old heritage house where the owner puts up walls to divide it into several rooms and makes profit off it as a hostel.

It's a two-storey female hostel but we had different keys so the people downstairs couldn't just go upstairs and vice versa .

Most tenants were students from the small college next door but I think it closed down afterwards and I wondered what happened to the students.

My room was a shared room and I had two different roommates.

The first one didn't speak much and one day I came back to find that she had moved out. The second girl was talkative and always wanted to tell me about her life I wasn't interested but I listened anyway.

I slept in the lower bunk bed and the bed would make noises when the person above got on and off the ladder.

I had always had the room all for myself though because both my roommates didn't come back very often.

We had water heater, instant water boiler, wifi, a living room and a kitchen at the back and a house keeper would come every fortnight to clean the communal areas.

The location is Macalister Lane which was super near to KOMTAR and everything else really.

I was all happy about it until one day I saw a freaking rat in my room and after they tried to fix the ceiling hole, door gap and everything the rats still would come back.

I was hanging out a lot with Rumah Studio gang at the time so in the end I decided to move out.

Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400 - Canon EOS 500
developed and scanned by Bilik Beku

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