The Phoenix, Bristol

So Riccardo dragged me to this event Don't Tell Your Mother at The Phoenix I was tired and cba to go out (me being me) but I decided to appreciate the time with Riccardo before he left. Door ticket £5 was for sexual health charity so it was okay.

The community was more mature compared to other LGBT clubs (according to Riccardo) and I met some friends of Riccardo's who were all lovely. There was this Hong Kong guy called Billy and then a Hungarian guy who has the same name as our Hungarian friend Adam, and then a very good dancer (the only compatible one with Riccardo) who Riccardo would later tell me is a pole dancing instructor, and some fabulous-looking people.

The music was weird but not too bad like I knew like only 1 song out of 100 throughout the night but  who cares when good vibe was all around I had so much fun especially watching Riccardo dance no wonder I had like 3 guys telling me he is cute. 

A guy came to dance with me for like 5 minutes and then asked if he could kiss me I was puzzled and awkwardly rejected and still puzzled after he walked off silently. 

Next thing I knew it's 1am some people were planning to go to OMG next but I was really tired af I could break so we said byebye and before we went home Riccardo managed to ask for Kevin's name and we gave her a goodbye kiss.

(Just found out from Out Bristol that Phoenix Bar serves Malaysian food?? Im gonna go back another time anyone wanna come along)

Fujicolor c200 - Olymus mju ii 
developed and scanned by Bristol Cameras

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  1. The post is great! I really love your photos :)