Bye Robin & Sean Good Luck

Robin & Sean were going away on Erasmus to Bologna so Amy & Hollie threw a farewell house party at their place, they had two new housemates to take over Robin & Sean's rooms so a lot of friends turned up on the night. 

Everyone was just chillin under the starry sky with the amps on.

I brought over some fruit flavoured jellies that I got at Wai Yee Hong earlier that day and everyone was so disgusted by them, it was funny cause apparently it was a product made in Malaysia and the one smelt the worst was of course the durian-flavoured.

We tried to start a bonfire and ran out of wood, Michele the firekeeper had an idea to steal the wood next door (no jk he wanted to talk to the neighbour) but they managed to convince him otherwise and we went to find some wood in the skip in the neighbourhood instead and finally the fire got bigger.

Robin & Sean are like the sweetest and nicest they were the first to approach me (and Riccardo and Fiona) in the first term and invited me over and made me feel welcomed. Shout out to you boys good luck I hope you have a nice time in Bologna (say hi to Riccardo if you ever see him)!

Fujicolor c200 - Olymus mju ii 
dev + sc BC 

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