Chinese New Year 2017 in Bristol

You know how the more apathetic you get about celebrations the older you get? Chinese New Year isn't as fun as when you were a kid anymore it is more like a chance in your busy schedule to spend time with people you care and to reminisce the good old days (lol I sound 80). 

On the first day of CNY while my flatmates were in London's Chinatown I was hesitant whether to check out the annual CNY celebration at Wai Yee Hong chinese supermarket because it required the effort to get changed and step out of my room but I did anyway in the hope of seeing lion dance and firecrackers.

WYH's last year's CNY video didn't look very convincing (this year's is certainly better) so I wasn't expecting much but boy was the crowd huge! I thought the emcee was really good in getting everyone in the mood and of course the crowd was also very responsive. There was like a food fair as well but funny the vendors were not Asians except the WYH stall?

They had like kung-fu and music performances and they also demonstrated praying to the sky god on stage before the lion dance. The lion dance was really amusing it made me smile a lot. They were like throwing lettuce and sweets and tangerines at the crowd (it's good luck if you catch them) and they even made the lions kiss. It was starting to drizzle but stopped after the lion dance which was really magical.

WYH must have profited a lot on the day as everyone flocked to the supermarket after the event for a shop cause what's CNY without CNY snacks and cookies. I spent like £11 but it's CNY so it's okay.

Fujicolor c200 - Olymus mju ii 
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