CNY Steamboat Dinner in Bristol

I remember being excited about living in a student hall as I thought I'd have the chance to live with the locals / foreigners and experience different cultures and lifestyles and shit, so I was gutted upon finding out my flatmates in Bristol were Malaysians as well.

But now I'm actually grateful for my flatmates Abby and Julia! If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be able to speak Chinese so regularly and have someone to share similar situations with, or learn how to make simple home-cooked lunch, or have extra milo to sustain, or keep a flat so tidy that we won free dominos for the cleanest flat, or have a bunch of Taylorians (Taylor uni students) and Hong Kongese to hang out with. 

Here I'm writing about the steamboat dinner we had at our Transom House flat before actual CNY. We had so much food that we even had a Steamboat 2.0 on the next day! Thanks for the great memories (yep including the v**** part)

iphone photos: 
CNY dinner with fellow Malaysians | CNY dinner with Hong Kongese

25th Jan // Wed 


26th Jan // Thur 

Steamboat 2.0

Fujicolor c200 - Canon EOS 500
sc + dev BC

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