Broke Students Survival Guide in the UK

With the rising tuition fee and living expenses, as an international (malaysian) student in the UK I'd like to share a list on money saving for broke students. I'm no pro and if you have more ideas on how to live a frugal life please share in the comments! :-)

Apart from buying food or groceries at reduced / discounted prices, which most students obviously already know, here are some apps / websites that might come in handy.

Facebook buy & sell groups

lots of things being given away / sold at a really cheap price
look for "free to collector" groups to find items in your area and save the delivery money!

you can sell your items that arent wanted / needed anymore for cash too

* if you go to uwe bristol - UWE - STUFF FOR SALE, SWAP OR FREE
* if you're a malaysian in the uk - Malaysian Students Goods Exchange - London

Facebook Marketplace

similar to fb groups
you can just type in the keyword "free" and lots of free stuff will pop up

read the description carefully though some are not free but the seller just doesnt know what price to put

BISC (Bristol International Student Centre)

really friendly and welcoming bunch of people
id say theyre very helpful for new students in the UK

nice free meals and events will be organised for international students (you can be from the UK too) to get together
they also give away free kitchen stuff and household stuff which are probably donated by other graduates

really generous people giving away things from scraps (useful for art students) to household items like tv, fridge, or bikes!
quite shocking for me when i first found out, no one would give things away for free in malaysia lol

posts are sorted by location and then by "wanted" or "offer"
it's easy to search by keywords too


a rather new app focusing on food-sharing (also non-food items)

so much food is wasted each day and this app is a life saver (both for humans and food!)
opened items are allowed to give away so if you have bought something you find not suitable for you
put it on olio for others who might find it interesting!

also they have food banks in some areas that you can drop off your item for someone who requests it, so you dont have to wait around for them to pick up

my favourite website yet! makes you feel like humanity still exists

offer and receive help for free in exchange, you will get "karma" points and also because it makes you feel good to help others!

house moving, proof reading, language exchange, advices in different areas, you name it!
as long as you are being respectful and it's a good cause

submit your post and it will be on the timeline after approval


it's all about timing

"watch" different items and compare
save your searches and get email notifications

starting price as low as 99p
bid only when you decide you really want it
bid a price youre willing to pay and if you're outbid, bid again before the time is up

dont worry if you didnt win the bid
sellers use ebay a lot even tho you have to pay when an item is sold
in fact i tend to not bid if someone has already bid first, and pray that i win the bid on another listing of the same item

no extra charges for buyers!


obviously popular for selling clothes / apparel (both new & preloved)
sell your items / filter your search by category / price / size / keywords

you will have to have a paypal account to make / receive payment
listing is free but you will have to pay commission to paypal and depop for any item sold

alternatively use royal mail signed for / offer refund / use facebook profile as proof and request buyer to pay elsewhere

be careful not to spend too much on buying before you manage to sell anything though!

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