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i was born and raised 🇲🇾 in malaysia since 1993. and now that im a grown up i found myself in the uk, getting my fine art bachelor, missing my malaysian food...

i enjoy being around creative people but never feel creative myself. i wanna make great art but most of the time i just dream about making great art. my excuse is i'm always overwhelmed with too much information. sometimes i think i need help.

usually i prefer to stay quiet and be a listener unless you ask me things or we really click and then i can get annoying 👽. i ask "why" a lot but really i'm just half interested in lots of things. i would feel disgusted with myself if i pretended to be curious in order to keep a conversation.

sometimes couchsurfing makes me feel like i have double personalities or something but i never see a doctor so i don't know.


i can be chill or energetic depending on my mood or the weather. my favourite pastimes are watching films or just browsing the internet, looking online for secondhand clothing and books, opening 20 tabs at once. i get distracted easily. i'd be a dangerous driver because i'd get distracted by the dogs on the sidewalk.

when i was in penang i lived with some artist friends in a studio house where we would just chill, walk around town, go to 24-hour mamak stalls 🍛.

it had been cold in the uk (there are no seasons in malaysia) so i had been spending my free time indoors. sometimes if it's sunny i would go around on my bike, often for picking up free stuff in some other neighbourhoods. that's the cool thing i love about england.


i enjoy taking film photographs 📷  but i don't think my photos are good enough. a lot of times i am too shy to hold up the camera to capture the moment and of course i'd regret afterwards.

for now i'm more comfortable with just documenting my life such as taking photos of friends and surroundings. this sounds superficial but if you have a great style chances are you would be in front of my lens often. sometimes i wish i had more friends who are willing to be my subjects to be photographed.

i admire skaters and wish i could master the skating skills but the metals in my back are limiting me. the metals in my back are also kind of limiting in the way that i could not just go on a backpacking trip for as long as i wanted. i dream of visiting everywhere in the world 🌎 , living out of a backpack with minimum stuff, one week at each place, never really settling down. maybe i could do that with my cabin suitcase... (at least that's what i did in my first europe trip)


2 dec 2017

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