i say blah blah blah..

the things happened when doing backdrop for english drama competiton in our school

they were busing

hmm, what r they doin there? o.O

wow~ seni chairman~

they are form3 experts!

almost complete

we did it!

too bored so conteng on a piece of paper
guess who? xD

hanging up our works

sticking the letters on the backdrop


covering the dirt

well, u may think the backdrop we made is simple
but u may not know how we had worked hard to do this

we had a little bustup during the period when we were in seni room
but i think we had managed to overcome it

let's be cooperative guys! =)


a friend of mine rent this comic and lent us

a funny n nice comic
i like it =)

here's the little 5-year-old main character, 四 叶

her daddy

aha, i like her reaction xD!

by sydney

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