thanks and sorry

17 april
we went to cinema for Mall Cop
about 14 people were going
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before going out
yea im self-loving

the movie started at 7.20pm
not bad
quite funny =)

hey boy, thankQ for treating me yea =D
and im sorry i wasted your money cause i did this ==

yongsheng and cheesing passed the popcorn to me and i put it aside
i split it accidentally...
after that they teased me nonstop

in the toilet
she's cute right ^^

then we went to triple7 opposite the cinema
i didnt order any food or drinks
i was drinking pepsi bought in cinema

we chatted after eating
and i started to take picture of my friends
and they tried to hide their lenglui lengzai face

aha, the most steady one! xD!

i hope i can stay longer at outside until late at night but daddy doesnt allow me to do so

by sydney

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