we've got back all exam papers except malay and english papers
dont know what are the teachers busying with
i think i will get back malay paper tomorrow during malay lesson

im quite satisfied and glad with my results this time
although there are many people cleverer than me

i did not have enough time to study for moral test
thus i nearly fail my moral

today got back sejarah paper
i was shocked when i knew i scored 20 per 30!
i was really happy at the moment
i scored only 9 marks in my first monthly test
and this time is 20
whoa~! x)
20 is not a high mark, but it is enough for me

yincai got 29
and she is happy too
we are both happy with our sejarah results ^-^

i promise myself
i will get higher in the next exam - final exam!

by sydney

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