happy day~

today i gonna talk about our gathering on 30th aug
i went back to grandma house and stay overnight

and then we 'checked out' in the next morning

char kuey teow is our breakfast

after breakfast we went to penang
my sister went for medical check up

while we're waiting at outside my brother started to be impatient and he tried to disturb me
finally we started fighting ==
he scratched me and i returned in the same way

tis is my scar

these are his scars, lolx

i think the nurses passed by would think i'm childish ==

c'mon! my brother was the one started the fight and kept disturbing me!

(google photo)

after we shopped in penang times square

it's not yet completed but there is crowded

many outdoor activities were carried out

i bought 1 shirt only

after shopping we went back to pantai remis

my sister and brother were there to receive scholarship
i couldn't take scholarship due to my bad pmr result =(

i reached pantai at about 7pm

daddy drove me to qin's western restaurant
qin was so surprised when she saw me
she said that i have grown taller xD

i asked sam whether he wants to come over
he said he doesnt want to let me see his handsome face ==
okay, all right, as you like -.-

xian is the first who reached qin's western restaurant
after me
xian, qin and i walked to siew's house but she said she was not ready yet

taken outside siew's house

we returned to restaurant and fong was already there
we took photos while waiting for other friends

xian's spectacles

sydney and qin

fan and sydney

sydney and siew

sydney and xian

not much people come =(
i had my dinner with my girlfriends only (fong, siew, xian, qin, fan)

i ordered black pepper chicken chop as last time
it's delicious~ xD

yongjin and kaileng came and chatted with us for a while then they went back
i'm happy that zhongqin, liang, seng and cong
came to see me
but i would be happier if they sat down and eat with us =(

sinying couldnt go because she's still in ipoh

after eating, we took photos in the toilet again xD

sydney, xian, fan

fong and sydney

fong, sydney, qin

woo~ she's pretty~~

peace~ =)

hehe i copied her x)

taken by xian~ haha

fong's boyfriend, weicong also in the restaurant with his friends
fong asked him to take photo together with her
what a sweet moment~

yongkang is the last 1 who showed up
we girls sat down with him and chatted

at 9.45pm my dad came and i had to leave

about 10.20.pm reached home

*sob* i miss them
chiouwei din attend the gathering
i hope i can meet her next time

wish you happy everyday buddies! =]

you are stupid x)

by sydney

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