lazy girl cleaned her room

i have cleaned my bedroom, finally. =D
my bedroom was very messy like war scenes.
last night at about 10, after surfing net for 10 hours, i started cleaning my room.
sorting out my clothes in the closet, cleaning floor with the vacuum cleaner, putting my books in order...
i finished all these stuffs before 12am.
now my bedroom looks much better. =]
compare these photos. x)

cupboards and floor

i needed to find the books when exam so i put them on the floor, more convenient.




felt damn hot when cleaning my room, so i pin my bangs.


my mum went to singapore with my brother and grandma last week.
she bought me two shorts.

but they are too tight for me!
too bad, i'm getting fatter. =(

my aunt gave me this winter cloth.

i quite like it but when can i wear it? there is no winter in malaysia.. hmm.. unless travel abroad.

thanks mummy and aunt =D


today is the day for form4 students of my school to return textbooks.

18 books!

i cannot carry heavy stuff so i asked for help from hk.
but he was late to school, i couldn't wait anymore, i then carried the books by myself all the way from the school gate to my class.
it's tiring!

today get back a few exam papers.
my results suck! *sigh*

good bye my 'dear' textbooks~

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