Hate to be at home without parents

Daddy is back! =D
Mum is still at Taiwan. Wish her health and safe.

Yesterday was so..'argh~!'
McD for lunch. Spent over more than RM20.
Jay was our driver. Yesterday was Mercedes, wow.

After that watched G-Force on PPS at home. I think it's not bad.

Dinner time.
Jay drove us to Petronas. He said he's waiting for someone. Then he followed a car to Lumut.
We passed by a row of shop. Then we stopped. His friends walked in front of us, heading to a bar. We were shocked. There're many foreigners drinking beer.
Hmm... Low light, beer, loud song, it is a bar, right?

Eww i kinda look like a boy.

We looked at the menu. The prices are so high.
Finally we chose to order wedges, only RM8.90.
We waited and waited.

Ivy and me took some photos.

Christmas three.
Hmm.. Seem like k810 is better huh?

Here come my wedges.

Wow, it's such a large bowl, with chili sauce and cheese.

Black pepper chicken chop ordered by Jay.

The others. I don't really know them. =/

We went back at about 9.30pm.

Don't ask me to stay alone at home again, unless i have vehicles. =)

Today we didn't take lunch. I slept for 5 hours in the evening.
Now i gotta take my dinner and watch Death Note 2 on 8tv. =D

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