The Three Meaningful Days

Hola a todos, I'm back from 3 days 2 nights Buddhist Camp. =]

The theme of the camp is《做 个 喜 悦 的 人》.
There were 6 groups, the names given were based on the 六 度 in Buddhism. The name of my group was 禅 定, the others were 精 进, 布 施, 持 戒, 忍 辱 and 般 若.

In these 3 days, we played, we laughed, we got angry, we were sad and blah blah blah....

They've invited a lecturer to give us lectures in these three days. His name is 张 喜 崇.
张 喜 崇
毕 业 于 马 大 法 律 系,博 特 拉 大 学 教 育 心 理 学 硕 士。曾 担 任 中 学 教 师、辅 导 老 师、生 活 导 师,并 曾 在 董 教 总 独 中 工 委 会 出 任 课 程 局 行 政 主 任,负 责 课 程 发 展,教 材 编 辑 与 推 动 教 育 改 革 的 计 划 性 工 作。多 年 来 积 极 推 动 佛 学 班 的 运 作、创 作 佛 教 文 章 和 担 任 各 营 会 的 讲 师,包 括 进 入 国 民 服 务 营 为 营 员 弘 法。
His lectures were intersting, he let us played some games during his lectures, therefore I didn't doze off. He is really an excellent lecturer. =)

On the first and the second day, we played station games. The games were fun, yet tough! Sometimes i felt dissapointed that my group was not a very united group.. *sigh* But my group got 3rd in the six groups, we scored over 870+. The first and second scored 900+. *claps for ourselves*

At the 2nd night, one of the camp members had been punished to kneel down in front of the Buddha until the incense finish burning owing to his discourteous behaviors (speaking foul language and laughing loudly during the chant).
Then, a teacher also knelt down, because she felt that it was her fault led to his rude behavior. After that, many of the working commitee also knelt down on the stage.
That time was already over 12am, I was just came back from washroom. I found nobody in other two bedrooms, then I saw many camp members were in the hall through the window, they were also kneeling down.
I got down to the first floor with my friends. We were also asked to kneel down, without knowing why. At 12.15am, the working commitee saw many of us were kneeling, so they asked us to stand up and go to bed if we're tired. Then a lot of people started to stand up and walked away, and me too.
On the next day, he (the people who asked us to kneel down) apologized to us, of course, all of us had forgiven him. =)

There were song-sharing sessions in the camp. I like the buddhist song which contains Pali - 'The Story Of Dona', the melody is very nice and soft. Click into youtube to watch the performance
Besides, I like the songs '善 苗' and '跪 羊 图' too. ^^

Many parents attended the Thanksgiving Night at the 2nd night. We were asked to wash our parents' legs as a thank. I never do such thing for my parents. ><

Erm.. What else.. I can't remember all the activities in these three days, lol. @@
Aiks.. Haven't got the pictures yet so can't share with all of you.. Sorry guys~

I learnt a lot of things and knew a lot of friends in the camp.
Yeah, we should be thankful that we got the chance to join this camp.

Erm.. Just wanna say that it was a great camp, but it can be better. Gambateh! =)

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