Activities at the end of January

Attended Thanksgiving Night at Buddhist Association on last Friday.
Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Performance

Oil in the bowl

All the lamps were switched on

My mum fetched my sister, Chueni, KaiQi and me to Ipoh Parade last Saturday.

Hindus were celebrating Thaipusam.

Bought over 100 dollars. x)
Specially thanks to mummy for buying me a school bag and a jacket! =D

Yesterday went to Crystal Hotel to attend Yahama Music Concert.
My friend, Jiaxin was in the violin performance.
Siew, Xian, ChianWei and Qin came to Sitiawan too.
My dressing. All yellow. =x
Can you see her? =]

After that we went to Pizza Hut for a meal.

Owe Chemistry teacher 25 sweets for doing wrong in Chemistry experiment report. ><

I'm getting lazier again. =(

Quite excited that CNY is coming! =D

I wanna have a hair cut! My fringe is too long..

Hey, don't burn me up, remember that..

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by sydney
@ 11:24pm
on 1 Feb 2010

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