Doing revision.
Focus on the Mad Hatter wallpaper! Teehee

I am glad today. You know why? You know why? =D
Why? I'll tell you why. That's because of I got Alice In Wonderland script from a foreigner! Woohoo! I was so excited when I received the e-mail.
I just love the teaming of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. =)

Yesterday went to Padang Astaka. People were doing exercise.
YK had his dinner with my family.

Doing Mexican Wave is fun! Wooooo~
Do you guys know what's that? You can search it on Youtube.
ole le ola la no sean maleducados saluden a papa~

School's going to reopen tomorrow.
Monthly tests are on Wednesday and Thursday.
Good luck to me. =)

''Well, Facebookers, I have decided not to allow anyone to post anything at my wall. I am sick of deleting spam every day! Message me if needed. 面 子 書 的 朋 友 們,我 決 定 不 允 許 任 何 人 在 我 的 涂 鴉 墻 上 貼 任 何 東 西。我 討 厭 每 天 刪 除 垃 圾 帖 子!有 什 么 事 的 話 就 發 短 消 息 給 我 吧。''

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