Enjoyable Days

Fri, 18 June

The plan I mentioned was watching Avatar in Dad's working place. =D
We left for LPP at 4:30PM.

While Watson was having fun in the swimming pool, Whitney and I sat down and read our books.
Mum forgot to order our dinner at the cafeteria. So this plate of cucuk udang was to reduce our hunger.

Dad phoned me a few days ago when he was at KL to ask if I have watched Avatar and I said no so he bought this genuine DVD. :)

We were totally annoyed with the stupid flies by the swimming pool and cafeteria until we got into the theatre room.
The theatre room has about 50 seats.
We were thinking how good if we had one in our house that we could invite our whole class to come and watch movies together. And if you feel like you need the toilet, we could just press 'pause' and have a break.
Watson can't sit still and finally he hurt himself when he hit the staircase.
After 162 minutes, the movie came to a beautiful ending.
Then, we went back home in two cars after we had our dinner at 777.

Sat, 19 June

Our journey was started at 6AM.
We were told to wear school uniform.
Bread and waffle were my breakfast.
First destination: Taylor's University College (Subang Jaya Campus)

The guy gave us a talk about courses offered by Taylor's.
After another speech, we played a game which you needed to rush here and there in Taylor's campus to find the answers for the questions about the school.
Then we headed to our second destination: Taylor's University College (Lakeside Campus).

After we had our lunch there, a guy guided us to walk around the campus.
The environment is beautiful and this new campus has lots of facilities.
These's what we got from the visit.
It was already 4PM when we finished our visit at Taylor's, so the visit to the museum and Planetarium had been cancelled due to our 'objection' (the girls wanted to go shopping).
Right when we reached Mid Valley, we dashed to the toilet to put on casual clothing.
We took about 20 minutes to wait and change our clothes.

After that, Chueni and ShuHui went for dinner while me, YinCai and KaiQi went around the mall.
We were just window shopping as we didn't have enough money to buy something.
There're so many young couples and we started to feel envy. D:

I took these at Mid Valley Education & Further Studies Fair. ;)
I had Claypot Yee mee in sauce and Lou Po Beng as my dinner.

6:25PM, we hurried to gather at the entry where we came in.
We left KL at 7PM and reached our school at 10:20PM.

I gave Dad a kiss on his cheek and went upstairs.
Then I found there is an air conditioner in my room. I was so excited but dare not say thank you to Dad.

Sun, 20 June

Today is the last day of the two-week holiday.
I'm really afraid to get my results. :(

It is Father's day today.
Happy Daddy's Day to all the responsible Dads out there! ;)

I have not bought Dad something as a gift but I'm thinking to write a card for him.
I love you Daddy!

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