It's Wushu

A few days ago, we planned to watch The Karate Kid with friends on Wednesday(yesterday) but nobody gave us responds.
Nee told me she's going with her mum in the afternoon. So it was just YinCai who could accompany me.
YinCai came to my house at about 4:15PM. Movie started at 4:45PM and I told my mum that she must send us to cinema as YinCai's already here. Dad and Whitney was not at home. She had no choice so she brought Watson along.
We paid for our tickets and got into the theater room right on time.
I think this film is great. Son of Will Smith, Jaden's definitely got talent.
Anyone noticed that the woman with a cobra is Michelle Yeoh? Haha, I found it at Wiki.
He looks so pitiful. :(
I thought they won't kiss! Jaden's only 11 and his first screen kiss is gone?
Noooo, unacceptable, they're just kids!
Training for the competition.
Wonder if he really has six-pack?
Yes he does! :D
Finally, the exciting fight in the tournament ends up with Dre Parker as the Champion. (:

Unfortunately, there is no story about how does the relationship between Xiao Dre and Mei Ying go after that.

Watch this if you think the film should be named The Kung Fu Kid.

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