Listen, be united!

Today we celebrated National Day in school. It was quite fun. We waved the Jalur Gemilang and sang Malaysian patriotic songs. Oh! How I love Malaysia. Yes, I do love my beautiful country.

The hot issue in Malaysia recently is about racism cases. Puan Siti Inshah Mansor the female principal actually asked the Chinese and Indian students to return to China and India. Everyone was disappointed to see such news.

As a result, Namewee had made a video called Fuck Racism. I was like WTH is this shit while listening to it. I'm sure many of you had watched it. He claims that he is an anti-racist? Then why is he insulting the principal in his latest video? He is indeed a racist, too. Perhaps the thing he's doing right is speaking out for Chinese's sake, but the way he conveys the message is definitely wrong. Making the video is like instigating the teens to be racists.

Fan pages named 'Sokong Cikgu Puan Hajah Siti Mangsa Politik', 'Sokong Cikgu Puan Hajah Siti Mangsa Politi go to hell', 'Menyokong Tutup Page ini "Sokong Cikgu Puan Hajah Siti Mangsa Politik''' and 'Sokong Siti Inshah Dipenjarakan' which support either the principal or Namewee are created on Facebook the biggest social network. The first two fan pages I mention had been cancelled. As you can see, races are stabbing each other on the walls. Now most of the comments about racism or contained foul languages had been deleted by admins. However, I'm heartbroken seeing sarcasm is still happening among races at other websites. So far have you seen any Indians join the unnecessary 'war'? I don't care whether you're a Chinese, don't give me excuses that you insult other races just because they insulted your race. As if you are a Malaysian, owning an identical card, you shouldn't say something insulting to criticize others.

Malaysians, please learn to respect for race and diversity. Stay wise, do not shoot back those racists by using foul language, or you'll be ridiculed to have low EQ. Besides, residents like Namewee or Ann Wan Seng(the one insulted Buddhist) should learn to think twice before they speak. If you said something sensitive, others would insult the entire race or religion of people. Yes, it's funny how they revenge but it's what happening on this corrupted society. So please, do not disgrace your own race or religion.

Stop racism. Stop insulting other races. Being racists can't solve problem bur make the problem even worse. We need each other to build a wonderful and peaceful country. (:

I love y'all and I love our beautiful Malaysia. ♥

Happy 53rd National Day! :D

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