It's all about Johnny Depp on my exam paper.

Today I'm gonna post something about Johnny Depp. The essay question I chose in SPM trial was My Idol. I wrote down everything I know about Johnny. So yeah, this is it. Sorry for my bad English. I'm still improving.

It is not surprising that each teenager adores more than one idol. As long as the teen is not influenced by every act of his idol, it is said to be good for having admired the celebrities.

I admire those celebrities who are amazingly talented, one of them is the big Hollywood star, Johnny Depp. I did not know the existence of Johnny Depp until the movie 'Alice In Wonderland' by Tim Burton was released. In the fantastic film, Johnny Depp plays the role of the Mad Hatter. He wears colourful and fabulous makeup and a good-looking hat. Though he is given the name 'Mad Hatter', I can feel that he is a kind and loving person, he cares for the female main character, Alice very much. When the movie came to the end, I felt like clapping for the great production.

I was wondering who is the one acting the Mad Hatter so I searched for more information about the movie on Google. And I found that Johnny Depp was once a not-so-famous member of a band. He then acted in the TV series '21 Jump Street' and became a well-known young celebrity. After his great talent was discovered, he was invited to play in a big amount of films and TV series. Johnny Depp plays Captain Jack Sparrow in all the series of Pirates of the Caribbean and won many awards. By now they are filming the fourth sequel which I can't wait to watch.

Johnny Depp has two kids - one boy and one girl with the French singer, model and also actress, Vanessa Paradis. Vanessa has been Johnny's girlfriend for over a decade, but they have not married in church. They have two kids named Lily and John. Johnny Depp loves his family so much that he would be annoyed by the paparazzi who try to take any photo of his children. He used to smoke cigarettes but he has quit smoking for the sake of his children. This shows that he is a loving and thoughtful father.

Despite being a successful big actor, he does not look down on others. He is kind, helpful and down to earth. He signs for his fans even if he is surrounded by a large crowd with high-pitched screaming. Besides, he often donates for those in need.

By the age of forty-seven, he still looks handsome and hot. His awesome acting stuns the audience. He can play any character — any creepy character. This is why the numbers of his fans will never decrease. We love him because of his personality and also his talent.

I am always looking forward to seeing more Johnny films in the future. I believe that his talent in acting will never fade. I would be on cloud nine if I had got the opportunity to get his sign on the portrait of his which I drew months ago. Johnny Depp is the best actor I have ever seen, I will not stop supporting him.

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