We planned to go for a movie yesterday. Unfortunately, me & Cai couldn't find anyone to drive us to the cinema. And I got irritated by some dumbass who were getting on my nerves. I was totally pissed off, feeling so down. And we made up our mind not to go to the cinema.

It was my little brother, Watson's 10th birthday. He has been too naughty so I decided not to buy him anything.

In the evening, Mum drove us to Pantai Remis. A Mooncake Festival celebration was held at the hall of Chin Tai Kok Moral Uplifting Society. Whitney and Watson got their scholarship there. I met Sam's mum, she still remembers me but I didn't know who she is. Hahaha!
While there's performance on stage, I saw him. Yes, I mean my ex boyfriend. We had not been texting for like a donkey year. I didn't say hi to him cause we were too far apart.

We returned home at about 10. And then I realized we had not taken any photos! LOL.


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