September holiday

September holiday is officially over. That means busy days are started.
I'm here to note down my activities during holidays.

On 9th Sept, 5SC class party was held in KaiWei's house at 7pm at night.

This's what I wore on that day.

We committees promised to be there at 5pm to prepare some stuffs. But we ended up watching the secrets of magic on TV.

I forgot to take pictures of the food because I was too busy eating.

BBQ. Thanks SiangKin & GengGim :D

Everybody was enjoy eating the delicious chicken wings.

Me & YinCai

We bought a cake with a lil pig's face for monitor, whose birthday is on 15th Sept.

He was surprised that we sang the birthday song to Sili but not him. After our 'mission' completed, he felt so embarrassed and wanted to go away but then we sang the birthday song again for him.

Monitor KaiWei & his birthday cake.

The 10 guys.

27 students and Madam Lai, plus a cake.

When the sky turned darker and darker, the people started to leave.

We were responsible for cleaning up after the party. There are a lot of foods left so we had to finish them.

Jeeyn & YinCai eating homemade cup noodles. Alright, it's actually fried noodles in cups.

Siying, Chueni, me & YinCai

A big thanks to all of you who attended the party. Best wishes for SPM :)

On the very next day, Mum woke us up early in the morning and we headed to Penang. Dad had to work so he wasn't with us.

We reached cousin Jane's house in the afternoon. We went for lunch.

Ice kacang as my lunch.

After lunch, we visited the Khoo Kongsi.
The Khoo Kongsi (Chinese: 邱公司; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Khu-kong-si) is a large Chinese clanhouse with elaborate and highly ornamented architecture, a mark of the dominant presence of the Chinese in Penang, Malaysia.
The ticket for adult.

Souvenir shop nearby.

So this is how the Khoo Kongsi looks like. Beautiful, isn't it? :)

Then we went to Fort Cornwallis.
Fort Cornwallis is an old star-shaped fort located on the northeastern coast of Penang, Malaysia. It is named after the late 18th century Governor-General of Bengal, India, Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis. Fort Cornwallis is the largest standing fort in Malaysia.

Thanks Mum for buying me the peace sign necklace! :D

It was so hot, and we decided to a pet shop. There are a lot of fishes with different kind.
The little parrot was so cute. When I gently stroked him on the head and neck, he got quiet and closed his eyes.

Huge fish in the aquarium.

At 5pm, we had some snacks at the food center.

Next station was Queensbay Mall. We spent a few hours there.
We wanted to watch Step Up 3 in the cinema but it's no shown anymore.

Bought these from the Popular bookstore. I love the art of Osamu Tezuka, always. These are the first 3 volumes of the Buddha comic series. And I'm gonna buy the rest for sure! ;D
It's interesting tho the story line is a lil bit different from the real story of Lord Buddha.

We left Queensbay at 10 in the night. And I got to know WeiSin was in Penang too, and Raven was in Kedah.

On 11th, I was busy watching TV whole day in Gramma's house which is at Sungai Petani. I love Astro channels! LOL.

On 12th, we went shopping at Central Square. Mum bought a bag and a pair of shoes for Whitney while I got nothing. );

We learnt to do this from Giddens :P

I attended Ivy's 17th birthday party on 15th.
This is the card I made for her.
I managed to finished it right on time. Teehee.

Me & birthday gurl

Me, Ivy, Siying

Some of the guys

To be honest, I didn't use my holiday wisely. LOL.

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