There's nothing wrong with dreams.

Sept 28th was Mum's birthday.
I made her a birthday card and got my siblings and Dad to sign on it.

Went to Ipoh with Mum and bro for movie yesterday.
I thought there's Legend of the Guardians in 3D and I was so excited but I was wrong.
However, we bought the tickets.
The movie was at 3:20pm. So we went to Popular bookstore.
Mum claimed that she didn't have enough money so I only chose 3 books.
My lunch.
After doing some shopping, we queued up at the theater entry. We waited for like 20 minutes, got into the theater room, watched the commercials for like 10 minutes, and finally the movie started.
The movie is just so fantastic with all the characters in it.
The director applied lots of slow-motion visual effects and the fur of the owls really caught my eyes.
I can tell it's the best animated film ever! :)
AWWW! Soren, Gylfie, Eglantine and Digger! I want these plush toys!

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