6 days vacation: HK - Macau - China

23 Dec · Thurs

Today we had to pack our luggage and check out.
bye L'hotel Island South
Yum Cha for breakfast, again.

Christmas trees everywhere! :)

Our destinations in Hong Kong today were Golden Bauhinia Square (traditional Chinese: 金 紫 荊 廣 場)and Repulse Bay (traditional Chinese: 淺 水 灣).

Golden Bauhinia Square
There was a handsome guy who acted as our photographer. You may pay for the picture he took if you think it is great. But no one seemed interested in his offer.
Repulse Bay
tourists flinging coins into the mouth of the golden fish
mythical wild animal (traditional Chinese: 貔 貅 pí xiū)
Henry talking about the statue
Hong Kong people love walking their dogs.
After lunch, we headed to the customs.
good bye and thank you, Henry :)
The cruise was kinda big. It took one hour to reach Macau customs.
in the cruise
scenery of Macau
Macau buildings
Our tourist guide in Macau was Mr Lau (traditional Chinese: 刘 導). The way he speaks was weird. He pronounced 'f' as 'h'. (例:賭 場 還 沒 開 “花”)LOL.
Idk why I thought he looks like Klaunser in the english literature "The Sound Machine"
While we were on the way to A-Ma Temple, I smelled gas and when the bus stopped nearby the A-Ma Temple, some people found that the bus engine was smoking! Dad required to replace the smoking bus with another bus.
we quickly took our luggage out
street mural
A-Ma Temple
After looking around in A-Ma Template, we visited the Senado Square (traditional Chinese: 議 事 亭 前 地), the Ruins of St. Paul's (traditional Chinese: 大 三 巴 牌 坊) and Casino Lisboa (traditional Chinese: 葡 京 娛 樂 場).

Senado Square
Ruins of St. Paul's

There were a lot of people at the attraction. Whitney and I stepped on the staircase to get to the shelf up there. The shelf was like obsolete and unstable and I was trembling with fear.
I think I have Acrophobia
sunset view from the 2nd floor

After having dinner, Mr Lau brought us to the casino. We youngsters are still below 18 so we could just walk around in the hall.
Casino Lisboa
At about 8pm, we went through China customs and we got a female tourist guide whose name is Coco.
We stayed in 2000 Year's Hotel in Zhuhai.

It was still early so we decided to go for massage. Then Coco called a van from Zhizule Palace Massage (traditional Chinese: 知 足 樂 宮 廷 式 按 摩) to come and fetch us.
So I had my very first foot massage in Zhuhai. All the massage therapists were so friendly and sociable and their technique were great. I wanted to just fall asleep but made myself stay awake so I could really enjoy it. The hot towels were like heating up my feet but they made me feel relaxing after all.

All of us chose 1-hour massage and it costs RMB70. 

Today was a tiring and enjoyable day.

To be continued...

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