My surgeon said my Scoliosis problem is okay now. Medical follow-ups are not necessary anymore. Which is kind of relieving, because I've not been sitting in the correct posture and I was worrying that would affect my recovery.

I borrowed a series of Diary of A Wimpy Kid books from my cousin Jane in June and I finally finished all the five books yesterday. The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary is quite impressive. It covers the things behind the scenes and we get to know how the movie crew produced the movie. Making film was not as easy as I thought, especially for child actors.

Today I consumed my time in UTAR until 4 in the afternoon. It was UTAR Open Day. Dad forced me to go although I had told him I don't wanna study in there for like a million times. Dad made me sign up for this Career Interest Inventory thing which helps you to understand yourselves better about your interest and your ability.

The Holland Codes represents a set of personality types described in a theory of careers and vocational choice formulated by psychologist John L. Holland.[1] Holland's theory argued that "the choice of a vocation is an expression of personality" and that the six factor typology he articulated could be used to describe both persons and work environments.

The questionnaire measures six personality and work environment types:
  • Realistic - practical, physical, hands-on, tool-oriented
  • Investigative - analytical, intellectual, scientific, explorative
  • Artistic - creative, original, independent, chaotic
  • Social - cooperative, supporting, helping, healing/nurturing
  • Enterprising - competitive environments, leadership, persuading
  • Conventional - detail-oriented, organizing, clerical

Apparently I'm the type A person. I got type I and type S for the second highest and the 3rd highest personality respectively.
Actually I had got this survey from the counsellor in my school before. The highest score I got was type A, the 2nd highest was type E and the 3rd highest were type I and S.

After that, we listened to a short speech about Graphic Design and Game Design. What I'm really keen to do is freehand drawing but not digital painting. UTAR doesn't offer fine art and that's one of the reasons I don't choose UTAR. I guess Dad and Mum are brainwashed by the staff and they think advertising design is good and the most important is there are lots of job opportunity out there.

OKAY. So now all I need to do is ask them to go to the Open Day of any art school so they know what I actually want.
Does anybody know is there an Open Day for Dasein Academy of Art?

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