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It has been 3 days since I last updated my blog. I couldn't be online as Dad has hidden the modem somewhere and he didn't want to hand it to me because I had not get my job yet.

So Mum made me fill out this job application form of Okbaby manufacturer.
And I just went to meet my supervisor in the afternoon. She looks sort of strict but she's quite caring. I have to tie my hair up (I hate tying up my hair!) and wear black trousers and black shoes during work. There're lots of rules to follow and I hope I can do it.
Thanks for the unknown auntie working in Giant for introducing this job.

Guess what. The reason I am online now is that I stole the modem away last night. Ummm, well, actually I just took it while Dad's beside me and then I kept it in my room, until the very next morning.

I watched 4 downloaded movies in a couple of days without modem. Each was awesome.

The first movie was Hachiko: A Dog's Story which describes a story of a faithful Akita.
Hachi is based on the life of a renowned dog in Japan named Hachiko. In 1924-25, the Akita sent off and welcomed back his master, a professor, everyday at the train station. But in 1925, the professor had a stroke and died, never to return home.
For the next ten years, Hachi waited for the train that would never bring back his human father.
This is certainly a touching true tale. I couldn't stop the tears from falling when seeing Hachi was so depressed about the professor's death.
The real Hachiko died on March 8, 1935. 
The statue of Hachiko in Shibuya. 
The stuffed body of Hachiko in the National Science Museum in Ueno.  

The other three movies were Johnny Depp films, which were Edward ScissorhandsPublic Enemies and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Edward Scissorhand is an epic film by Tim Burton in 90's! 
Don't fear. He might look creepy but he's actually cute! Edward was invented by an old inventor and before he could manage to complete Edward, he just died and therefore Edward happens to have a pair of scissorhands. Cool huh? :)
His huge house is located on top of the hill. One day, Mrs. Boggs enters the castle to promote cosmetic products, only to find Edward then she brings him to the lower ground. Edward falls in love with Kim at first sight when he sees her photo.
Edward helps the neighbourhood to beautify the bushes and cut hair.
Kim's boyfriend is a rebellious teenager, he makes use of Edward. Kim is really mad and she decides to break up with him.
Yet the people still think Edward was dangerous and he has no choice but go back to his own place. Even though Kim's the only one who knows that Eddy's still alive, she never visits him ever since. And some audiences are unhappy about Kim's character because she's vain about her look in old age.
Kim is played by Winona Ryder, whose marriage with Johnny Depp broke up after 3 years.

As for Public Enemies, I don't know why but I don't really think it is that great (Johnny did well, of course). I'd say if Johnny Depp isn't the right man to play this role, no one else would ever be.
John Dillinger fancies Billie, who played by Marion Cotillard, she looks totally alike with Katy Perry!
Sugar is sweet, so is he.
When Billie is caught by the FBI agents, John cries. Mostly because of he thinks he didn't do his job to take care of Billie well.
And owwww, this is sad. In the end, bullets go through John and he is shot to death.
 It was ridiculous that I only found that there was actually a real gangster named John Dillinger after I watched this movie.

I like this movie! Though it's quite bloody. The whole movie is simply amazing and I like how they keep singing. 
Benjamin Parker, the barber is back with only revenge in his mind, and he's no longer Benjamin Parker, he is now — Sweeney Todd.
He rents the room above Mrs. Lovett's meat pie shop and waits for Judge Turpin, who pursues and rapes Lucy to come over to shave, while killing other strangers (by cutting their throat) for Mrs. Lovett to make meat pies.

Mrs. Lovett & Mr. Todd
I knew this could be Lucy since the first time she appears on screen. LOL

Nothing's gonna harm you, not while I'm around.

Eventually Mr. Todd gets revenge on the evil judge. And he KILLS his own poor wife, without knowing it's Lucy earlier on. And yes, he goes bananas and burns Mrs. Lovett in her own stove. When Sweeney is singing to Lucy, Toby comes up behind him, Sweeney realizes that and he lifts his head a little, then he's slashed by the boy. 

And then plenty of blood flows across Lucy's face. Frankly speaking, the blood is so fake (there's too much). XD

Yesterday I went to the Thursday Market with Yincai and Ivy. The only thing we bought was nail varnish! HAHA. Ivy's going to Taylor's soon. I'll miss you babe. ):
Yincai and I are going for road rules lesson tomorrow. Eww, it's gotta be boring!

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