The HTC Desire HD that caught my eyes. Amazing design. Just a lil bit too big for girls.

My current mobile gadget is a Sony Ericsson k810i and this fella is always making me go bananas! I've always wanted to change it for a DHD but I had no money. I even work to get money to buy it myself. People tend to appreciate something more if they get it by themselves. The best example is certainly me. HAHAH.

I planned to buy one from DiGi with DG Smart Plan. I was dying for it all the time! ... not until last night.
I don't really mind about its size. It has a 4.3" screen which I think is pretty cool. I wanted it so much that I even decided to name my Desire HD Jumbo regarding its size when I get it someday! LOL.

So this is how I started to doubt. Yesterday I was searching for DHD reviews online (Yes I did search for the review before, I just wanted to know more about it) and I found that some users claim that its battery sucks cause it's only 1230mAh. Some say it doesn't last even for a day. OMG how am I supposed to live with a smart phone with such a poor battery life? Some say its so-called 8MP camera takes terrible photos but some other people say the result will be better without auto focus on. And almost everyone complains that it has a real bad speaker. I seldom turn the speaker volume to max so well it's not a major issue for me. The battery life is the main problem! Seriously DHD would be the best Android 2.2 phone ever if its battery was like about 1800mAh. :(((

My sister's friend recommended me the Samsung Galaxy S & GS II but I have zero interest in them.
Basically I will use the phone to surf internet, take photos and send message, and listen to music only when needed. Any other recommended awesome smart phones? Don't recommend me the iPhone, it's like the whole world is using it.

Do you guys know any shop where customers are allowed to try the phones before buying them?

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