I'm fine.

Keep telling myself that it's not worth it, I already know I don't deserve it, but if it's from you I don't mind hurting. 

Well, knowing the answer hurts. Somebody told me what you said. Yeah my broken heart broke again. I chose to believe it no matter it's true or not. I think it's time to make a change.
Why didn't you just say "don't get me wrong", then I wouldn't have this awkward feeling whenever you're by my side.

I know you're hurting, but I'm hurting too. Since that what you're thinking now, I might just have to give it all and stop getting hurt. It's actually not a big deal. From now on, I shall not have feeling towards you anymore, just friends, not more than that.

Boy why are you so silly. It's totally not worth it. Escape the trap!

And this is for all the slutty bitches — Stop trying to steal other's heart if you're not gonna give out yours.

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