No more angpau till next year

CNY is coming to an end. It was kinda fun and memorable to celebrate the festival with family and friends. But I'm so upset that I didn't take any photos with my family and relatives on the first day! How could I forget about this! D;

Like I said before, the best thing about CNY is getting angpaus, of course! All you need to do is greet people around and you'll get angpaus in return. We got nothin' on the 2nd day cause we spent the day watching tv at Gramma's and didn't go bai nian. Anyway, I'm quite satisfied with the angpau money I got this year though.

The saddest thing about this CNY is... I didn't get to meet my bestie, Shuhui before she went back to National Service camp. And one more thing, I also didn't get to hang out with Chueni as she's always been busy. );

I'm not sure whether I have time to update my bloggie about CNY but I'll try to find some time to make it.

Back to work on the 5th day of CNY. I actually enjoy the working time with my friends in Tesco. LOL :)
We really joke a lot. Sanggetha often makes us laugh like loons on loon tablets.

Valentine's Day is over. Have you had a wonderful and romantic day with your valentine? For me, it's just another Monday. No one ever asks me out. :(((((
Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.
Seriously, I need somebody to love, someone worth falling for, before I fall in love with Malay. LOL jk I'll NEVER love a Muslim.

These days, the question I hate most is, "What do you wanna study?". Especially when I answer, "art" and you give me that fucking face like you think this course sucks!
Well, being a vet is kinda cool, being a zoologist is even cooler, I love animals. But it may be hard for me to study Science.
Hmm.. Artist or vet? I'm so vexed.

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