Back Again

Something happened to me today. Yeah, I had my mobile phone stolen! But you know what, I have it with me right now. Guess how did all this happen??


Alright I'm here to tell the story...

I was sitting on the floor, helping Kak Rose to hang the clothes on the hangers. I put my phone beside me on the floor. I was texting with Chueni at that time. After settling the new stocks, plastic bags were all over the floor. Thinking to clean up the spot, I got up to put my phone on the rack. So I cleaned, cleaned and cleaned.

When all's done, I reached into my pants pocket to get my phone, only to find it wasn't in there! (First I thought I had put it in my pocket). I looked around, it's nowhere to be found! I panicked.
Mira and Maz used to hide my phone if they saw I left it everywhere, but they were not here today! How could it be? This is not a joke man. Promoters are not allowed to bring handphones to work. Tesco won't assume the responsibility if anything happens to our phones. I was like dammit now my phone is really gone but the security guards won't help.

Kak Rose quickly went to top up her expired prepaid account and let me use her phone to call my number. It went "Tuuuut tuuuut... Tuuuut tuuuut... Tuuuut tuuuut..." and then somebody picked it up but said nothing! Kak Rose heard a baby crying when I handed the phone over to her. So I was guessing the family with a baby who came just now has taken my phone.

I texted Yincai to get Chueni's number (I can't remember her new number). Then I called Chueni, she said I better tell my parents about it. So I phoned Mum and got scolded as expected (LOL), she said she'll ask Dad what to do. Kak Rose suggested me to suspend my account first so that the person won't be able to use up all my credits. So we went to the DiGi center in Tesco and requested to block my account, as what Dad wanted me to do. The DiGi worker told me the new SIM card will be done in one hour and I shall reactivate it within 6 days.

All the time I'd been thinking what would the thief do to my phone. Holy shit, I have diaries in it! Not many photos, fortunately.
No I didn't just think negatively, I did have positive thinking as well — I'm gonna get a new phone as I wish! And tomorrow I won't be annoyed by the question which everyone's gonna ask about.

Finally I made it through the rest of the working hours. I was so afraid that Dad might reprimand me for being reckless. In the car, he looked at me and guess what, he took out my phone! I was like HUH? WTH? with my eyes wide open. I thought he reported to the police but it sounds weird to report such case to the police.

Then he told me, actually my phone was taken by a kid. Her mum realized it only when they reached home. She found Dad's number in my contacts and asked him whether his daughter had lost her phone. Luckily, Mum told Dad about my missing cell phone. Then they met up somewhere to return my phone to Dad.

So yeah, this is how I lost my phone and get it back.

The good news is, Gramma's not gonna lose an usable phone (Dad's been thinking to pass my SE phone to her when I buy myself a new one).
But, having my phone back means I couldn't get a new phone sooner aaaaaand I'm gonna FAINT tomorrow!

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