How to Be Awesome

I feel so bad. I've been such a terrible blogger. I don't share ( I don't know how?) goodies like the other awesome bloggers do. My life gets kind of boring. I don't blog often. I don't have amazing photos. My vocabulary sucks. Nobody leaves a single comment almost each time I publish a new post. Pitiful.

It's just not right. Arghhh!
Seriously, I need a laptop and a camera. They could make my life easier and more convenient.

I'm sorry if my blog bores you to death (perhaps I don't even have specific readers...).

Let's talk about studies. Many of my friends are getting ready for college/university; while I still have no idea about those stuffs. Dad's been trying to convince me to study in Form 6, which I think it is just a waste of time for me. If you say I can have more time to think about which course to choose in the future during the two-year time, I would say I know what I want and no, I don't need such a long time to think about it.

I do think I don't belong to KL. I'm sick of hypocrites and ego people. And these people are found mostly in big cities. I'm just an ordinary student who wants to chase my own dream. It's annoying to live with people around boast about their new branded stuffs they've bought.

Well, I don't really know if this happens in Penang, too. Yeah, I think Penang suits me more. Equator, Penang has March and July intakes while Dasein, KL has April, July and October intakes.
Most possibly, I'm gonna work till end of March and... what's next? I think I should go to visit Equator and Dasein as soon as possible!

L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. - Noah And The Whale #nowplaying

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