I'm stuck between two course choices once again!

Dad drove the whole family to KL to join the Dasein Academy of Art's Open Day which was on 26th and 27th March. It wasn't a pleasant journey because my retarded brother ruined the plan. We even had intense arguments because Mum did whatever the spoilt brat wanted.

We found the campus at about 1:30pm.

SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT is a project by students from 3 different countries (Thailand, Singapore & Malaysia). Things about their childhood were all over the gallery.

We spent a lot of time finding the location of Grand Pacific Hotel! Dad said it was located at Jalan Tun Ismail. We drove down the road after we saw the road sign. And then we were at a constructing site. A guard told us we're at Jalan Tun Ismail which then gave all of us goosebumps because there's no hotel at all!

We then went back to the town and tried to find another way to the hotel. Until a police patrol car stopped next to our car. Dad followed the exact direction to Grand Pacific Hotel as the policeman told him. It was actually located at Jalan Ipoh. The roads are confusing and the road signs are shits!!
Thanks to the police (and also Kelvin & Sion) we didn't have to sleep at the roadside.

After checking in, we rushed to Times Square by taking the LRT. It was my very first time in a LRT!

▲ Akward smile.

▲ I didn't know how to use this card at first.

Whitney wanted to buy a Danboard figure but the shop was closed when we reached there... So we took our dinner in a restaurant and went back to our hotel.

On the second day, all of us woke up late.

I thought I was late for the Fine Art (print making) workshop. But when I got into the room there's no one except the assistant... Guess Fine Art is really a not-famous course. LOL
The assistant taught me how to make a monoprint and it was real fun! 

When we were back to the reception area, a Dasein helper came over and explained to us about Fine Art & Illustration. I know more after the talk.
Figure sketching will be learnt in Foundation. You MUST ask if you have any questions. 
The helper said, you can get a free laptop if you take Illus course because you always need a laptop to finish your assignment while there's no laptop for Fine Art course. You learn oil painting in Fine Art course whereas Marker Rendering in Illustration course. 

And then we had a visit at the Illustration room and the fourth floor (Fine Art room). All the artworks at 4th floor are awesome! 

Illustration students do a great job as well!

▲ I spotted my husband among the portraits!

A short visit at the National Science Center then bye-bye to KL. 

Our dinner! Yummy :)
I used to eat this often when we were in PR.

So I'm planning to visit Equator Academy of Art & Design next weekends. I need to compare the school facilities and environment. Hopefully I can make up my mind soon...

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